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COVID-19 Update


To Our Business Partners and Community, 

Health and Safety 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has put the world into uncharted territory and Aries is doing its part to ensure our employees, our customers and everyone’s families stay healthy. We are following the recommended guidelines from the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control, federal, state, and local officials and have implemented our business continuity plan which includes a remote working component for non-essential staff members.  Any staff members that are ill, exhibiting symptoms as described by the CDC are asked to stay at home and seek medical attention.

Fully Functional 

Thanks to our investment in technology over the last several years, we are 100% functional, and do not expect any negative impact to our staff or customers.  During this time, our team will continue to provide the high levels of service that our customers have grown accustomed to. 

We’re Committed to Communication 

We are in constant contact with our clients, employees, vendors, and agents to provide you with good information and will communicate any issues we incur with your shipments to mitigate any negative impact to your supply chain. From personal outreach to newsletters like this one and our cargo tracking system, Atrack, we are keeping everyone up to date every step of the way. 

We’re Solving Problems 

This is not a normal environment and we are already seeing shifting rates and changes to shipping schedules. Availability of space on aircraft, vessels, and availability of equipment is also becoming a challenge.  We are actively working with the carriers to secure space and equipment as well as looking for non-traditional routes to ensure your cargo arrives at the desired destination as quickly as possible.   

We are here to assist you and ensure your supply chain remains fluid and flowing.  As the COVID-19 situation is dynamic, we will continuously evaluate our response to meet the needs of our clients.  We will remain in contact with our clients through the multiple platforms available including telephone, email, and social media.  If we can help in any way, please contact us at info@ariesww.com or at 1-888-502-7437. 

Best Regards,

Lance Raper

Director of Business Development

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