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In a hurry? Use air freight for all your time-sensitive domestic and international shipping needs.

Domestic air freight throughout the United States including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Guam.

Air import and export to foreign destinations including Mexico, Canada, and most other countries. Just contact us for details. We’ll help you get it there.

Aries Worldwide Logistics has over 35 years experience in helping our customers with all their domestic and international shipping needs. We provide a wide range of air freight services covering markets anywhere in the world – from pick-up at origins, customs clearance, multiple consolidation, through to door-to-door delivery to customers.

Whether accommodating a time-sensitive schedule, moving extremely valuable items, or assisting with an emergency situation, our experts help get it there quickly and safely.

Services & Benefits

  1. Our air freight services offer safe, secure, timely shipments

    • Shipment tracking - Aries Worldwide Logistics offers the latest shipment tracking so you can monitor your shipment from pickup to delivery.
    • Anywhere, anytime - You can place a shipment for just about any destination near or far. Using our network of cargo and commercial carriers, you can trust us to get it there on time.
    • Reliable and secure - All air shipments are monitored by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) to ensure all flights and shipments are secure.
    • Minimal handling and warehousing - Air freight shipments require less handling than ground shipments, resulting in less damage.


  2. Domestic and International Air Services

    • Same day or next flight out - for deliveries that need to get there the same day or next day.
    • Next day air - for delivery by the following business day.
    • Second day air - for delivery by the second business day. Saves you money over same or next day air options.
    • Deferred air - a more economical option, shipments placed on the next available space.
    • Project Cargo (OOG) - Have a really big project that requires freight forwarding and special handling? We’re specialists. Find out more on our Project Cargo page.


  3. Aries handles the details

    After 40 years in the business, we have a trusted network of carriers that our experts rely upon.

    • Best air freight carrier - We have access to air charter, cargo, commercial, and passenger flights. We will choose the best one based on your shipment, budget, and time-sensitive needs.
    • Equipment options - Need special handling for your time-sensitive shipment? We make sure the right equipment is available for pickup, transport, and delivery to transport your shipment correctly.
    • Customs and regulations - Aries handles the forms to ensure your shipment can easily meet customs and regulatory requirements. No messy forms to fill out.
    • Ground freight options - We will determine the best ground transport options to pick up and deliver your shipment, end-to-end. Aries takes the hassle out of international air shipments.
    • We don’t break your budget - Aries will work with you to determine the most economical means for using air freight to balance your time-sensitive shipment needs and your budget.
    • Avoiding air transport pitfalls - In today’s changing air travel environment, we choose the best and most reliable air carriers, navigating the ups and downs of air export for you.



  1. 1

    Step 1: Call Aries

    Our experts will advise you on air freight shipping options, including domestic, import, and export requirements.

  2. 2

    Step 2: Documentation & Customs

    Aries will fill out all required documentation to ensure your shipments safely exit and enter the destination country.

  3. 3

    Step 3: Air Transport

    Aries chooses the right air carrier to transport your shipment to ensure safe and timely delivery.

  4. 4

    Step 4: Final destination delivery

    Aries arranges for pickup from the airport and delivery to the final destination.

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