Specialized logistics for healthcare supply chain needsIt’s never been more important to have a trusted logistics provider

Aries Worldwide Logistics understands the needs of today’s healthcare and pharmaceutical (OTC) logistics needs. From temperature control to special handling required for regulatory needs, we help you manage, warehouse, and transport healthcare-related products that need special attention.

We make sure your high-value, highly specialized equipment from MRI machines to sensitive diagnostic equipment gets to your destination crated, packaged, and assembled for safe transport.

We provide door-to-door, end-to-end logistics support for equipment, machinery, and supplies to meet critical healthcare needs.

Aries also provides temperature and humidity-controlled transport for sensitive equipment and pharmaceutical needs, documenting it every step of the way. We’ve helped with new pharmaceutical product launches, helping to deliver them safely while meeting strict regulations.

Services & Benefits

Services & Benefits
  1. Services

    • Warehousing for temperature and humidity controlled items
    • Ground, air, and sea transport of sensitive medical equipment and supplies
    • Regulatory monitoring for sensitive shipments
  2. Capabilities

    • Meet regulatory demands for temperature and humidity controlled shipping
    • Packing, crating, and delivery of sensitive medical equipment
    • Safe shipment protocols for MRI, computers, lasers, radiology equipment, and supplies
    • Secure warehousing
  3. Reporting & Tracking

    • 24/7 shipment tracking
    • Regulatory documentation
    • Customs documentation and handling
  4. Benefits

    • You can trust an experienced healthcare logistics provider to transport high value, highly sensitive equipment to virtually any location
    • Provide an audit trail of documented evidence of safe storage and delivery of pharmaceuticals
    • Safe handling, fewer claims and damages


  1. 1

    Step 1: Call Aries

    Provide our experts with your healthcare logistics needs

  2. 2

    Step 2: Aries goes to work

    We implement the right logistics services to properly manage all your healthcare logistics needs.

  3. 3

    Step 3: Management

    Aries works with you to implement healthcare logistics services that control spend and improve service.

  4. 4

    Step 4: Stay in control

    Aries provides you with reports and services to document and optimize your healthcare logistics projects.

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