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Cargo insurance protects your shipment investmentManage risk and avoid financial losses with all risk Insurance

What are the main reasons for shipment loss? Ongoing studies by a global insurance company reveal that 2,815 shipping incidents occurred in 2019, up 5% from the previous year. These shipping losses occur because of:

  • Bad weather - 20% of losses
  • Machinery damage - over 1,000 incidents
  • Global “hot spots” - areas prone to theft or accident

Proper crating and packing are only part of a safe shipment. The unexpected can and does occur. That’s why you need Cargo Insurance.

In international trade, the liability of carriers (freight forwarders, airlines, shipping lines etc.) is limited by law. Compensation may therefore be considerably lower than your actual loss.
Moreover, conventions are often further limited due to additional exclusions of liability.

With cargo insurance, if a shipment is damaged or lost, the insured customer will be timely compensated for the full replacement value of the goods.

Cargo insurance protects your shipment investment

Services & Benefits

  1. Aries Cargo Insurance Services

    Protect your company from financial exposure as a result of physical loss of or damage with Aries Cargo Insurance options.

    We handle all cargo with personal and professional care, but we also acknowledge the risks of transportation. Together with our global insurance partners , we offer competitive insurance coverage for most cargo types.

    With our Cargo Insurance you will benefit from:

    • All-risk insurance that includes war & strike risk cover ( ICC A terms )
    • Full invoice value reimbursement (plus freight and up to 10% profit )
    • Specially designed cargo insurance that fits your needs.
    • Insurance purchased either per shipment or per year
    • Claims processing assistance in the event of a claim

    All freight shipments are at risk, despite the best routings, carriers, equipment and technology. Manage the risk and protect your bottom line with Aries Cargo Insurance.

  2. Why use a forwarder?

    Freight forwarding is a critical component to your supply chain and business needs. A few of our key services include:

    • Domestic & Global Trade Compliance
    • Online tracking capabilities
    • Automated Shipment Notifications
    • Specialized services including charters and hand-carry
    • Customs Brokerage
    • All-risk insurance
    • Packing and crating services
    • Route planning, and more



  1. 1

    Step 1: Call Aries

    Our experts will advise you on available insurance options for your shipments.

  2. 2

    Step 2: Insurance Documentation

    Aries will bind a policy and supporting documentation designed to fit your shipment, timeframe, and budget.

  3. 3

    Step 3: Claims Processing

    Aries will help process claims should an incident occur, working with our insurance carriers for prompt resolution.

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