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Leave the crating to usExpert crating solutions to protect your shipments

No matter what size shipment, it needs to get there safely. Forklifts, trucks, warehouses, air and ocean freighters can give your cargo a beating - unless it is properly crated using the right materials.

Aries has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing wood crates, pallets, and skids. The team offers:

  • Expert, in-house crating experts to advise you on the right materials for your shipment
  • Fully customized crating options that protect your investment
  • Fully customizable stenciling options that identify your shipment

We make it easy to figure out the right materials that avoid unnecessary damage.

Over $6 billion in losses happens each year, with over two-thirds ($4 billion) attributed to “poor practices at the time of packing goods into a freight container.”

Source: TT Club, a leading transport insurance company.

Protecting your shipment with customized crating service reduces the risk of damage to your valuable cargo, saving you time and money.

Click the thumbnails below to view an infographic of:

  • What's the difference between a pallet, skid, and crate
  • What are the benefits of industrial packaging

Pallet vs Skid vs Crate     Industrial Packaging

Services & Benefits

  1. Aries Crating Services

    Keeping your shipments safe reduces losses. As an experienced logistics and crating expert, Aries provides:

    • ISPM-15 approved pallet materials
    • Export crating and packing customized to your requirements
    • Packing for all transport modes - ground, air, and ocean
    • Custom on-site crating
    • Specialty and domestic packing
    • Fully-enclosed wood boxes
    • Palletizing
    • Custom Stenciling
    • Reusable crating
    • Fumigation
    • Bundling, strapping, and skidding
    • Certified handling of hazardous cargo


  2. Why use a forwarder?

    Freight forwarding is a critical component to your supply chain and business needs. A few of our key services include:

    • Domestic & Global Trade Compliance
    • Online tracking capabilities
    • Automated Shipment Notifications
    • Specialized services including charters and hand-carry
    • Customs Brokerage
    • All-risk insurance
    • Packing and crating services
    • Route planning, and more



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    Step 1: Call Aries

    Call us for a quote for your next shipment. We’ll put our team to work for you.

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    Step 2: Let us do the hard work

    We’ll provide you with crating and transportation options to get your shipment there safely.

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    Step 3: Transport

    Together, we’ll get your shipment to its destination, safely, avoiding potential damage.

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    Step 4: Final destination delivery

    Aries arranges for pickup from the airport and delivery to the final destination.

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