Aries Core Values

How it all started
John McIntyre, “Mr. Mac”, had a vision.

Mr. Mac gained experience by working for a trucking company at Hobby Airport. As he gained experience as a young man he started observing how people get goods from one location to another and serve their customers. His experience provided valuable lessons that he would use throughout his career.

He later acquired the entrepreneurial spirit to start his own pickup and delivery service. It was his early days understanding what would later be called “logistics” that Mr. Mac discovered the secret of success:

"Serve your customer. Go the extra mile. Work hard and make it easy for them. Love what you do."

On July 30, 1984, Mr. Mac registered his business, Aries Worldwide Logistics, using his zodiac sign, Aries the Ram, to set the foundation for his company.

Mr. Mac, and all of the McIntyre family, worked to make Aries Worldwide Logistics an industry leader in domestic and international logistics.

Where we are today
Our values hold true today.

Aries Customers are our #1 priority and we strive to make logistics easy for them.

Our Carriers for ground, air, and ocean transport are the foundation of our business. We strive to create great relationships that ultimately benefit our customers.

Our Employees are critical to serving our Customers and Carriers. They work hard and love what they do. That’s why they remain dedicated to providing you with the best logistics solutions available in today’s market.

Our Community inspires us. That’s why Aries is dedicated to giving back with our time, money, and talent to make sure they continue to grow along with us.


Where we’ll be tomorrow

Aries Worldwide Logistics continues to grow, serving more global locations, more customers, using more carriers, than ever before. We are committed to keeping our employees motivated and trained so they provide the best service possible.

Technology is a core part of what we do. We will continue to invest in the tools and analytics that help our customers save time, save money, and serve their customers better.