Project Cargo tank and truck break bulk

Aries helps protect your shipments, staying on-time and on-budgetFor large-scale cargo projects, you need a partner who understands your unique needs

The elegant dance of moving large, over-sized cargo from the Manufacturer to the end user can be a challenge. Our skilled team can mobilize your project from super loads, specialized rail, barge, and charter to part-charter we are here for you to make the complicated Easy. You need a strong project freight forwarder to lighten the load.

The Aries Project Service Team is skilled at using the latest technology, combined with world-class customer service, to streamline the delivery of your project-critical cargo.

As a global leader in worldwide project logistics, we do more than freight forwarding, helping you mobilize your heavier parcels and super loads.

We specialize in challenging cargo such as heavy machinery, mining equipment, drill rigs, power generation equipment, or large structures such as oil platforms or turbines.

Aries serves most industries, including:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Energy and Power
  • Manufacturing

Services & Benefits

  1. Aries Project Cargo Services

    • Heavy lift and Rigging - Specialized equipment such as, crane, rigging and heavy lifts if needed in your project.
    • Route Studies - Route options to maximize your ROI.
    • Stow Plans - The latest technology to optimize your ocean cargo.
    • Marine Cargo Surveys - Checking for damage throughout the journey to protect your investment.
    • Export Packing & Crating - On-site, off-site crating, strap-skidding, shrinkwrap, hood-boxing, and re-palletize to protect your shipments.
    • Rolling Stock - Roll-on/roll-off - Aries has the relationships and understanding to ship self-propelled and tow able equipment via roll on roll off ocean carriers. This service allows the cargo to be driven or towed to place of rest inside the vessel.
    • Warehousing - Short or long-term storage across our international network of warehouse experts.
    • Linear Break Bulk - Best rates and options for shipments outside standard container sizes.
    • Charter - Best option for shortest delivery time and maximum safety.
    • Cargo Insurance - Secure mission-critical shipments with high-value, dependable cargo insurance.
    • Document Preparation - Customs declarations, international regulations and every form you need to safely transport your shipments.


  2. Why use a forwarder?

    Freight forwarding is a critical component to your supply chain and business needs. A few of our key services include:

    • Domestic & Global Trade Compliance
    • Online tracking capabilities
    • Automated Shipment Notifications
    • Specialized services including charters and hand-carry
    • Customs Brokerage
    • All-risk insurance
    • Packing and crating services
    • Route planning, and more



  1. 1

    Step 1: Call Aries

    Our experts will advise you on transportation options, including domestic, import, and export requirements that meet your specific needs.

  2. 2

    Step 2: Documentation & Customs

    Aries will fill out all required documentation to ensure your shipments stay in compliance.

  3. 3

    Step 3: Transport and delivery options

    Aries chooses the right carriers, routes, and warehousing to transport your shipment to ensure a safe and timely delivery.

  4. 4

    Step 4: Final destination delivery

    Aries ensures safe delivery to the final destination.

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