Aries technology services gives full visibility to your critical shipmentsShipping data and analytics - anytime, anywhere - with Aries Technology tools

You never have to guess where your shipment is or when it will arrive. Aries technology tools give you the information you need to make critical logistics decisions.

Our technology goes beyond just shipment tracking of your domestic and international shipments. We provide reporting and analytics so you can keep on top of your shipments and control your costs.

Relax. We have the information you need to control your spend and have total transparency to your shipments.

Services & Benefits

Services & Benefits
  1. Real-time Track and Trace

    Request spot quotes, create bookings, track shipments and local transports, audit customs declarations, manage your inventory in Aries warehouses, and view invoices and statements using ATrack, our online tracking portal.

  2. Automated Updates

    Get automatic notifications and documents for every shipment as milestones are completed.

    Aries is integrated with hundreds of carriers to provide the latest updates on air, ocean, and road shipments, to guarantee your updates are sent in real-time.

  3. Electronic Integration

    Increase productivity for your staff by reducing data entry and eliminating the chance for errors by setting up electronic integration.

    Automate the exchange of information between our software systems including tasks like creating bookings, getting status updates, and receiving electronic invoices.

  4. Advanced Data Analytics

    Robust reporting and tools, access on demand or according to your schedule.

    Analyze and understand your spend, shipping patterns, and more to support your business needs.


  1. 1

    Option 1: Get Automated Updates

    We'll work with you to set up notifications, document delivery, and scheduled reports that are tailored to meet your needs.

  2. 2

    Option 2: Get access to Atrack

    We'll set up credentials to access 24/7 shipment tracking . You'll see where your shipment is and review details for better decision-making.

  3. 3

    Option 3: Integrate with your system

    Aries can integrate or exclusive technology with your existing platforms, giving you total transparency of your shipping information.

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